Paleo Diet

paleo-doetWe decided to touch on the Paleolithic diet, being there is a big focus on the diet by many today.  In our last post discussed the nutritional values of beef. The Paleo diet, centered around eating the food types first consumed by early humans, consists of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Being that protein from animal is a big focus of the diet, we wanted to give you some insights on this style of eating, if you are not already familiar with it.

So it heavily relies on protein, fruits and veggies. Nuts, seeds and healthy fats are allowed to. What is not part of the Paleo Plan is grains, sugars, processed foods, alcohol, dairy, legumes, salt and potatoes. Imagine back to the paleolithic period in time, or the primal/hunter/gatherer days. The paleo diet tries to include only that that would have been available then.  Of course through time, the variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables has dramatically evolved and changed, but the point is to try and mimic the food the our predecessors ate.

Acceptable and non acceptable foods on the Paleo:

Food to Consume

  • Meats (grass-fed)
  • Fish/Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Healthy Fats (olive Oil, coconut, etc)
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Foods not to Consume

  • Processed foods
  • Sugar
  • Grain
  • Legumes
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Starches

Choosing organic foods and grass fed beef is the best when choosing foods.

At San Diego Meat Company, we offer Grass Fed local Beef.  Whether you are on your own style of diet, or the Paleo Diet, our beef is a perfect way to get your quality protein in. We also offer bones for you rown bone broth. If you have any questions, please contact us.