Fish Farms

Now we are a meat company.  We don’t directly sell fresh fish, however we can put you in touch with some great people to who do.

Today we would like to inform our readers on farm raised fish, also known as pisciculture or aquaculture. There is much controversy about farm raised seafood and it’s negative effects on health and the environment. So what are fish farms “pisciculture” anyway, and why would they be bad?

Fish farms are water farms that raise fish are artificially bread and raised for consumption.  Fish farms are meant to control all the variables of raising fish. These variables include disease, over farming, production, protecting endangered species, and any other outside factors that can threaten the amount of aqua life available.  Farming fish bolsters production and essentially economic return received.

There have been experts that have raised awareness on the negative aspects of fish farming. We at SDMC, believe that when negative aspects are brought to attention, improvement has room for growth. That being said, we are highlighting many past concerns, and some still present. However we feel that positive changes are taking place. The best case scenerios, although ideal, are not always possible with the population of people and our profit driven economy.

What’s bad about Fish Farms?

  • Nutrition Levels are Lower. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for many physiological roles in the body, naturally occur in fish. In farm raised fish, they can be drastically less (by nearly 50%)
  • Environmental Pollution. Fish Farms can pollute the environment.  The antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides used to keep farmed fish alive and without parasite or sea lice, pollute the water and can destroy other natural ecosystems in the water.
  • Small Fish Distinction. Small fish are being fished…overfished to meet the demand of the growing population of fish in fish farms. This drives these small fish to extinction and had an effect on the naturally occurring systems in the ocean.

In order to produce the fish demand of consumers, aquaculture seems to be the answer. These are just a few of the negative impacts fish farms have on fish and the environment. The big question is should we eat farmed fish or wild fish, which to are exposed to harmful toxins from our waters.  We say eat Beef and Pork:).

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