Meat Cuts (Beef)

In our last post, we said that we would discuss the different cuts of meat that come from a cow.  Different cuts of meat are used differently.  From stews to steaks and burgers, let us explore the cow and the different cuts of Beef. The way that a portion of the cow is cut, determines the best cooking practices.  Dry rubs and simple seasoning (salt, pepper, and garlic) are some of our favorite ways to bring out juicy flavors in meat.  When you have a great cut of beef, cooked properly, think “less is more” with seasoning.

Beef Cuts of Meat

Chuck-Shoulder Petite Tenderloin, Shoulder Steak, Chuck Pot Roast, Blade Roast, Mock Tender Roast, Chuck Eye Roast, Chuck Top Blade Steak, Short Roast, Flanken Style Ribs, Arm Pot Roast.  Chuck is a great less expensive, value cu,t that needs to cooked properly for tenderness.  Chuck is also ground for ground beef. Stew, brisket, slow cooking methods, as well as tenderizing are important with Chuck.

Brisket– Brisket is a great cut to play with multiple recipes and way to cook it.  We say throw on a delicous smoky rub and make you some barbeque.

Rib-Rib Roast, Prime Rib Steak, Ribeye Roast, Rib Eye Steak, Ribs (Back).  Some of our favorites. For the Steaks get them with the bone in for a juicy steak.  Simple Salat and Pepper along with a roasting or grilling style goes a long way with beef cuts from the rib section.

Sirloin/Loin/Top– T-bone Steak, Top Loin, Top Sirloin, Tenderloin, filet mignon, Tenderloin Roast, Porterhouse, Tri Tip Steak, Tri Tip Roast. The loin area of beef has some extremely buttery cuts great for grilling.  Some of the tougher loin cuts can be used for slow cooking in stews or soups.

Round-Round Steak, Round Roast, Bottom Round Steak, Bottom Round Roast, Eye Round Roast, Top Round Steak, Rump Roast, Tip Steak, Tip Roast.  These tend to be lean and tougher cuts. Slow Roasting, Braising, and Souping are the best ways to cook the meat to melt in your mouth.

Flank-Flank Steak, Skirt Steak. These cuts tend to be long and then. Marinating and grilling are great cooking options. Be sure to remove the membrane and cut against the grain of the meat for utmost tenderness and juiciness.

Shank– Beef Shank. Part of the leg of the cow and very tough.  This cut must be slow cooked for hours with great flavors. You will enjoy delicious fall of the bone shanks.