Grass Fed vs Organic

grass fed beef

What is the difference between grass fed and organic beef?

We get this question often so are here to give you the scoop.  There are many similarities and overlap between grass fed and organic, but they are not the same. One strong commonality are both practices are promote healthier cows and less toxins and chemically treated cows.

Organic Beef, must abide by specific standards that meet the USDA Certified Organic label. Organically raised animals do not have to be fed grass. They can be fed corn and grain.  They must have unrestricted outdoor access and meet the following

• Born and raised on a certified organic pasture
• No antibiotics (ever received)
• No growth-promoting hormones (ever received)
• Fed only certified organic (grains, corn, and grasses

Grass Fed on the other hand basically means that cows are allowed to graze and eat grass, what they are naturally meant to eat. They have the ability to turn this grass into protein and fats necessary for survival. They may be fed alfalfa in the winter months when grass is not available, but their diet is green and cannot include corn, or grain. USDA Grass fed standards require that animals have continuos access to the pasture during the growing season, so access to forage.  Grass fed beef, does not have to be hormone or antibiotic free.  So be aware when choosing your meats.

Our beed is Grass Fed without the use of antibiotics and hormones.  Cows are not meant to eat grain or corn and have negative responses to them. We believe in keeping things as close to nature as possible.