Antibiotics & Hormones

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We like to give our customers and readers information into the industry of meat production.  It keeps you the consumer informed and lets you know why we have developed our own quality standards at San Diego Meat Company.  Our family and team believes in the health and well being of people, animals, and the environment.  Our efforts and business in the meat industry are lead with quality in mind. We encourage to explore more on your own and inform yourself of what you consume. Awareness and taking steps to better the meat industry and human well being are very important and we do our very best to promote this well being.


Farmers, ranchers, and meat rearers having been using antibiotics for years. It was recognized years ago that antibiotics would make most animals gain more weight, as much as 3 percent. Of course this was quite a gain in a industry where profits are measured by weight.

Antibiotics are used for therapeutic benefits as well, treating sick animals.  However the main controversy comes from the subtheraputic administering of human antibiotics that are used to treat human illness, to animals.

Why? Well if said animal is treated with the antibiotic overtime, the bacteria becomes resilient to the antibiotic. This can create bacteria transfer from animal to human though improperly handled meats, undercooked, raw,etc. This creates concern with how a person will respond to to the antibiotic treatment. Example of this is they would be resilient to the antibiotic, so the treatment.


Certain artificial Hormones are used to promote growth in livestock. These hormones expedite the size of the animal, reduce the amount of feed needed and the time needed before slaughter.  In dairy cows it will also increase the milk production. This increases the profitability of the meat industry.

Many studies have found that these hormones fed to animals also increase the risk of diseases developed in human beings that consume the products. Risks of cancer, of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancers are apparent.

The use of these hormones in meats is banned many places throughout the world including Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and in United States, but only in pork and poultry, not beef, dairy cows, or sheep.


A number of environmental toxins have been found to build in animal tissues found in meats. This is found at times at very high levels. These toxins or exposure to Dioxin Like Compounds (DLCs) pose danger to human consumers. There are a variety of adverse health effects that increase the risk of cancers, diabetes, and create reproductive problems in humans. A study shows that 95% of Dioxins come from out foods.

Of certain concern is Farmed Raised Salmon vs Wild Caught Salmon. Farm raised showed high levels of these toxins as well as banned insecticides. On average farmed salmon showed levels 16 times the amount of wild caught salmon, and 4 times the amount found in beef.  So go Wild with Salmon


These findings and studies are why we at SDMC believe in local grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free meat products.  Better Quality meats with these factors taken into consideration help to lower disease, help the environment and are overall healthier for us.  So please contact us with any questions or concerns about meat quality.